Excellent Stability to Enable High-Speed Production in Specific Operating Condition.


  • Polyurethane roller has extremely good flexibility, surface hardness of 55-90, elasticity values are 3-5 times more of traditional roller.
  • Has an excellent wear resistance and deformation during the use of extremely small and durable, wear long service life more than4 to 5 years.
  • A good winding resistance performance can be adapted to workshop of sudden changes in temperature and humidity in the absence of air conditioning facilities even under normal production.
  • No need painting sets up two reciprocating grinding machine, spinning is strong, stable, and is a real non- surface treatment cots.
  • Come into contact with oils, have a good compatibility; oil acid and alkali-resistant but not swollen, ensure consistent hardness, deformation.
  • Anti-pollution, environmental performance, it’s not hygroscopic. Are energy saving and consumption reduction in the textile industry, improve quality of products.


Pure cotton or cotton fibers, pure of differential chemical fiber and blended varieties, especially suitable for spandex core-spun yarn and Siro-spinning, poly fiber spinning, magnetic properties of new type of Siro-spinning, and other varieties of compact spinning.


The purpose of cot grinding:

  • .To remove at least 0.2 mm polyurethane in order to get a layer of fresh polyurethane. At the same time one should ensure not to remove more than 0.2 mm in a single cut, which may lead to excessive heat build-up particularly in hardness 50 to 65 cots.
  • The Average roughness value (Ra Value) of the spinning cot measured on the cold surface should be between0.6 μm to 0.9 μm.
  •  Grinding intervals should be adjusted according to the cots quality, usage period, Quality requirements and manufacturer recommendations.

To achieve the above objectives the following procedures must be adopted:

  • Must be use PU special stone on customer grinding machine.
  • Measure the outer diameter of the cot before grinding.
  • Set the grinding machine to remove 0.2 mm from initial diameter.
  • Grind the cot with a total contact time with stone of approximately 5 s in case full width stone or in case of Single or Narrow 1 inch stone 2 complete To & fro motion with minimum bed speed is recommended.
  • Measure the outer diameter of the cot after grinding; it should be 0.2 mm smaller now from the initial diameter. If not, the machine must be reset to take 0.2 mm.
  • .Carefully check the taper & eccentricity of freshly buffed cots with eccentricity tester and the eccentricity within single cot and difference between LHS & RHS cot should be below +/- 0.020 mm with arbors. If not adjust the stone parallelism with arbors.

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