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  MB Textile Corporation is one of the leading Importers & Stockists Of Spinning, Weaving machinery & parts since 1970. Beside the Spinning and Weaving department company is also engaged in the imports of interlinning material related to garments industry. By the grace of God company has earned name and fame in supplying quality products imported from different countries of world i.e China, Korea, Japan, Germany, Indonesia, UK, UAE, and Switzerland etc all over Pakistan.

Since we have been in the business for decades, the tradition of quality products and business runs unbroken.Company always has the feeling to run under the motto " Best Quality At Minimal Cost " with commitment and in time delivery at very competitive prices. MB's team comprises of young & highly educated staff, enthusiastic to make things work in the best possible manner through satisfying the customer at their utmost satisfaction.We are sign of trust and reliability giving due consideration to the customer's demand for the timely deliveries.
  MB TEXTILE CORPORATION has always been the market leader when it comes to introducing state-of-the-art services and solutions for its customers. Our Services makes your existing package more attractive, all for your convenience.

You can now benefit from the services, which will give you all the freedom you need. This section will walk you through services, which are not only useful but also cost-effective for your business use. These include the very basic yet indispensable services like etc.

We are confident that our innovative and exciting new services will bring about a revolution.



MB Textiles provides state of the art spinning items and machinery for the textile industry. We have a varied range of Spinning products availabel to suit every need of our clients.
MB Textiles have a large range of Weaving items and machinery available to meet every requirement of textile industry. We have products available from around the globe to suit every client's need.
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We offer customers with varied range of services, facilitating their business need and requirements.
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